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EV-ShowRoom has been formed to aware and provide users access to Electric Vehicles, and other transportation alternatives to the conventional wasteful, polluting gasoline engine ; to research and promote changes to the City Of LYON transportation infrastructure facilitating the adoption of Electric Vehicles.

Commuter vehicles tailored for the 87% of the population that travel alone can be small and efficient to reduce traffic congestion and parking demand, and use energy in a wise and appropriate manner.  Still an Electric Vehicle can be 90% less polluting today than a gasoline car even when the electricity is obtained through traditional electrical generation means.

Located in the city of LYON, the second economic city of FRANCE, EV-ShowRoom is working to provide alternatives for commuters with compact, well engineered electric vehicles that exist today at prices that commuters can afford. Our first job is to awake interest on electric vehicles :

  • by showing people how town plannings are going to change drastically their way of moving ;
  • by making them discover what really an EV is ;
  • by providing them attractive products from World wide EV manufacturers.

So, you could help us with articles, surveys... that we couldn't find in french.

At once, we could represent your products in our EV show room.


Gaëtan  BAYLE

EV-ShowRoom Project manager 


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